Fidelity Customs

U.S. Retail Prices

  • $259.00 for Duals*
  • $319.00 for 2X3s*
  • $379.00 for Triples*
  • $589.00 for Quads*

+Shipping and Handling
*price includes a Pelican 1010 case

360° Rotating Connectors
Fidelity Custom Earphones' 360 degree rotating connectors allow for our product to be worn up and over the ear in the traditional in-ear method, or Y'ing down the front in the contemporary media player style.

Replaceable Cables
Fidelity Custom Earphones cables are fully replaceable. This makes the need for returns due to cable issues a thing of the past. Also because of our special connectors, it is impossible to install the cables incorrectly which could lead to out of phase audio signals.

Phase Coherent
The way Fidelity Custom Earphones present audio to your ears via a single tube for each of our dual drivers, solves many phase coherency issues that occur in other in-ear headphones. When out of phase issues occur, certain frequencies may be cancelled out. Our headphones do not suffer from these issues.U.S. Retail Prices

Pelican 1010 Case
Each Set of Fidelity Custom Earphones comes in a sturdy Pelican 1010 case. The pelican cases provide great protection, and also have a lifetime warranty

Fidelity Custom Earphones

Fidelity Custom Earphones were created by Earl Neal and represent more than 10 years of research and development. Fidelity Custom Earphones are a product of In Ear Systems, Inc.

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